Monday, January 13, 2014

First Meeting of the Year 2014!!

Wow!! That's a lot of brown!


It's time to come together again this Saturday, the 18th at Strategy and Games in Mosocow! 

On the docket is some Flames of War with some late war 1800pt pickup games. If that is too big for you, the store's FoW Ranger group is hosting 600pt teaching games so that soon, newcomers can join in on the 1800pt action!

The group will also host a terrain clinic, with emphasis on hill building.

Also, if we can find the room, is some PanzerBlitz boardgame action.

When 85mm just isn't quite enough.

The Front Coordinator also wants us to remember that on the 25th, there will be a FoW "Open Fire" event, 800pts, latewar, infantry and light to medium tanks only.  Email the club for more details as that situation clarifies.

Be there... or face the Komissar!!

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