Monday, September 8, 2014

A New Regime!!

Greetings fellow gamers!

The STAVKA wishes to announce a new leadership for the Front.  The Komissar has seen fit to step in and serve as Front Coordinator until further notice.  The outgoing Front Coordinator, Beau Tanner has traveled to greener pastures, and we all here wish him the best of luck.

However, the war continues...

the 13th of September is our next club meeting. If you have an idea of what you would like to play, or would like to bring something, please email the club and let us know.  If nothing else, if you have Flames of War armies bring a 1000 pt late war list. 

We do have a little business to discuss, but it shouldn't take too long.

See you all there!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Missions set for the Winter Offensive, with a little twist...

LISTEN UP PUKES!!!  This may save your life... or mine.
The STAVKA has determined the best manner to accomplish this operation is to plow straight into the foe with 6 pre-determined missions:  2 "Defensive" missions, two "Mobile Battle missions, and a pair of "Fair Fight" missions.

The STAVKA has determined that the Defensive missions will consist of "Surrounded", and "Hold the Line".  The FairFight missions will be "Dustup", and "Encounter".  Lastly the Mobile Battle missions will consist of "Breakthrough", and "Roadblock".

There is going to be a small twist, however. Instead of rotating missions and tables as is traditional in a Flame of War tournament, the missions as determined will be assigned to a table and attached to that table.  Officers will draw lots to determine which mission they will undertake with priority consideration for "Red on Blue" issues, skill level, and victories, and rotate between tables.  Yes, there may be a chance that officers may play the same mission twice (that issue is the lowest priority).

Please take this new intelligence and make the best use of it when forming your company/battalion lists.

Any questions should be taken up with the Komissar at

It is VERRRRRRRRY much suggested that officers confirm their readiness status early, and provide a list to assist the STAVKA in organizing this offensive smoothly and effectively.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meeting low key, but productive and fun...

Yes, the numbers were low for this first meeting, but the core did attend and put together many details for the next six months of activities.

Tops on the list is the upcoming Moscow Winter Offensive.  We've set the date for 22 February, 2014, at Strategy and Games on 6th St. in Moscow.  Here are the details so far...

The tournament with be themed, Late War, multi-front, winter books only.  Tournament lists will be considered valid from the following books:   Desperate Measures, Blood, Guts, and Glory, the ENTIRE Bastogne series, Gray Wolf, & Red Bear, including the latest errata and updates.

Here's the "monkey wrench"... the lists are limited to BOTH 1650 points, and four platoons (combat, weapons, or support).  That being said, the mandatory 2 combat platoon rule is waived, only 1 combat platoon is required.

The will be prize support, with a discount for early entry.  Lists are due by the 20th, but we would love to have player commitments as soon as possible.

The next big item was discussion about a Summer Offensive event, later June, with a Normandy theme.  More on that later!

Also, in conjunction with S & G, we will try to dedicate the last Saturday of the month to FoW Ranger events, promoting and teaching the system we all enjoy.

Lastly, the Moscow Front wishes to publicly issue a club challenge to Da Mommaz Boyz, for a tournament-style event in Flames of War.  This is intended to be a friendly affair, and if the challenge is accepted the details can be ironed out.

That is all the news deemed fit by the Information Komissariat for your consumption.

Remember, Victory is Forward!

Monday, January 13, 2014

First Meeting of the Year 2014!!

Wow!! That's a lot of brown!


It's time to come together again this Saturday, the 18th at Strategy and Games in Mosocow! 

On the docket is some Flames of War with some late war 1800pt pickup games. If that is too big for you, the store's FoW Ranger group is hosting 600pt teaching games so that soon, newcomers can join in on the 1800pt action!

The group will also host a terrain clinic, with emphasis on hill building.

Also, if we can find the room, is some PanzerBlitz boardgame action.

When 85mm just isn't quite enough.

The Front Coordinator also wants us to remember that on the 25th, there will be a FoW "Open Fire" event, 800pts, latewar, infantry and light to medium tanks only.  Email the club for more details as that situation clarifies.

Be there... or face the Komissar!!