Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Allied Forces CRUSHED by the Axis at TANKSGIVING 2013!!!

The best steel the Allied forces could muster was no match for the King Tiger horde that rolled onto the battlefield, but that didn't mean the Allies wouldn't try their best!

This is the field looking SSW to the NNE. The Allied forces would take defensive positions west of the main road.


Len's Panther and JagdPanther companies

The Marder II's look so cute don't they?

Here's a special look at Len's winter Panthers… I love these things!!

7. Kompanie, 1. Zug hier und bereit!!

Ken's Panther company

OH yeah!! With a double helping of Panzerwerfers and crews!! 

Anna's KingTiger Battalion

We all thought the mascot was awesome… but didn't figure it to be the good luck charm it was!

Sadly, the late Axis entry didn't have his photos included, but Joe (one of the proprietors of our host Strategy and Games, Moscow, Idaho) brought his KingTiger company along with his panzerwerfers and FLAK 38 guns to the show.  In all, including air, the Axis began the match in very strong terms.


The Komissar's Tankovy Brigade

"they look like good, strong, hands…"

The Front Coordinator's Tank Battalion

"It's not easy, being green…"

The Newbie's Tank Company

Can you spell cannon-fodder?

Now that the abusers and victims have been introduced, let's take a gander at the initial deployments.

Looking at the field from the NNW to the SSE...

From the beginning, it doesn't look good for the Allies. Can they pull out a victory? Perhaps a close defeat with honor?  Find out in part two, after the Thanksgiving holiday.

the Komissar

Monday, November 18, 2013

Front meeting of 16 November successful!!

Most of the principals were in attendance, However Ken Williams was unable to attend due to illness (get better soon).  Bob came and brought his mammoth (and boy do I mean  m a m m o t h) Normandy game.

Yep, that's Normandy, and the Lion's share of western France...
This monster is set at the battalion level, and as you can well see it's pretty well in depth.  Heck, just the landings alone (the uppermost-right mapsheet) would be an epic battle.  Sadly, we backed away from committing to that battle, but look forward to a report on it in the near future.

On to other fronts, the Komissar brought one of his ISU 122's to show off his barrel swaps.
ISU 122's, and fine big lads they are...
The original barrels were swapped out with metal tubing of roughly the same size.  About 1/4 inch longer than stock, they do seem more intimidating than normal... which is the intent.

Finally we come to the meat and potatoes of the meeting, the official announcement that Ken Williams will stand down as "Front Coordinator and STAVKA Representative".  Than post will now be manned by Beau Tanner.  Ken was beginning to become concerned that the position needed more attentions than he has been able to give, and it was agreed that Beau has plenty of energy, and a passion for the club and its mission here on the Palouse.

With that, the meeting broke down to its gaming phase, and we decided to give the old classic with a new twist "Axis and Allies" a spin.

Beau, Keith, and Bob plot world domination...
It became obvious pretty quickly that we had bitten off more than we could chew... but that has NEVER stopped us before!!  We went at each other like crazed dogs and as the final, soul-crushing turns ended the fighting around 4am... Beau and his Axis armies won the day.  But, as always with the Moscow Front, we live to fight again another day.

That's about it for the meeting.  All are in good spirits about Tanksgiving this-coming Saturday, the 23rd.  The trash talk and posturing are already starting.

-the Komissar

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SPOT REPORT!! BattleFront is closing in on Berlin…

This book is yet to be released, but if the WWPD boys are on their game (and they usually are) this should be a game changer for both Soviet and German lists.  

Click on the link for the WWPD review

There is no release date yet, but stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yes… we ARE excited!!

Strategy and Games in Moscow is hosting the annual "Tanksgiving" event on 
Saturday, 23 November beginning at 10:30 am.  


Each player creates an open, LateWar tank company list with a limit of 1500 points.  

The combat platoons MUST be rated as tank teams, and each platoon MUST have at least half the teams rated as tank teams.

Each company may have only one infantry platoon as support, and as many guns teams as is legal for the company list.

No air power is to be included in the list. (See special rules below)

Each player may bring up to 4 companies, each company no greater than 1500 points, to a limit of 6000 total points.  If your company list is greater than 1500 points, you must purchase an additional company.

Players begin the game with their first company, all others are put into
"Tanksgiving Reserve".

Initial buy in (for prize support) is $8, each additional 1500 pt company is $4.

There will be armies and units available to borrow  BUT !!!!

We NEED communications ahead of time so we can provide it for you.  Please do so at

All others NEED to RSVP and let us know that you are coming, so that we can provide the best gaming experience possible.

All questions should be directed to "the Komissar" at