Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moscow Front Summer Offensive Explodes!!

The Front put on a 1750 point Late -War Flames of War tournament, the eve of the aniverssary of Operation Barabarossa! 

The villiage board, complete with rail yard and churchs.

All the major powers were represented, British armor and airborne, American rifles, Soviet heavy tank hoards, and of course the ever-present Germans.  With 12 players registered and arriving, we finally have a full-blown "official" tournament!

Yep... we had a late-war desert board.

Terrain was a concern at first, but our northern contingent, the fellows from Spokane and Coeur'd Alene came through in fine style.   Yes, even the dreaded "Mt Velveeta" made an appearance... again.

The river-crossings, complete with bunker defenses.

work in progress...