Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the OCTOBERPOCALYPSE is upon us!!!

Octoberpocalypse will be our game event for the October 19th meeting of Moscow Front. The game will last for 24 hours, commencing at 1100 hrs on Saturday, concluding at 1059 hours on Sunday. Octoberpocalypse will be a "free mission", so to speak. It will also be a "tactical mission". Any period nation is allowed, no point limit. The entry fee will be $1 per 100 points (3000 pts = $30 entry fee). If any army is defeated (following company moral rules, of course), a "re-buy" will be allowed for $1 per platoon (first time), $2 per platoon (second time), $3 per platoon (third time), and so on and so forth... If an army is destroyed, a player would be allowed to adjust their options or support platoons before rebuying, however, they must keep the same combat platoons. For the purposes of this event, no proxies will be allowed, outside of optional upgrades (i.e., if you don't have an M5 3" gun then you cannot proxy it; however, if you have an M4A1 Sherman and you are given the option to upgrade it to an M4A4E3 Jumbo, you would not have to have that Jumbo to field that option). Additionally, only for Divisional Support, players will be allowed to take up to three options from a support box (i.e., you may field a Rifle Platoon, Engineer Combat Platoon, and an Armored Rifle Platoon, all from the Infantry Support Box [from Devil’s Charge, pp48]). Again, though, they have to be able to field the proper unit. The exception to this is air support: a player may field an air observation post and only one type of combat air support (i.e., [from Overlord, pp295] a player would be allowed to field an AOP and either a P-47 Thunderbolt or a P-38 Lightning; they would not be allowed to field both the P-47 and P-38).

This T72 has seen better days...

The battlefield will be 5 tables strung together in an “S” shape. The terrain will be varied from hills to plains to cities. Players will be divided into two teams, competing as a team and individually; however, there will be no friendly fire (outside of artillery template drops). There will be a series of objectives scattered throughout the battlefield; there will be five major objectives to be captured or controlled by each team (each team begins play with 2 objectives under their control) and each player will have their own objective to capture. Each player may elect to hold half of their platoons in reserve, and may elect to hold two in ambush. Standard reserve and ambush rules will apply. Artillery and mortar observers would be treated as both independent and recon teams (house rule for this game) and would be allowed to make moves as such. Each side will begin the game in prepared positions. The game will begin under dawn conditions, and will proceed following time of day rules. Every 90 minutes, weather conditions will be drawn from a is possible that there will be no change. If an adverse weather condition goes into effect, then the game will proceed via those particular rules. Additionally, we will implement one house rule: all artillery batteries will be allowed to maintain TRPs. For those non-infantry/artillery types, a TRP is a target registration point—a point successfully ranged in. Once a TRP is established it will be marked and remain in play for the duration of the game; if a battery ranges in on a new location, it will still be ranged in all previous locations. However, if the battery picks up and moves, it will lose all established TRPs.

that side-armor save for Panthers is a bitch!!

The game will last for 24 hours. Entrants will be allowed to hold a "cease fire" should they need to go eat, take a nap, whatever. The “cease fire” can only be called for breaks greater than 30 minutes. During an individual player’s cease fire, that player’s army cannot be targeted—instead it will be pulled back to the team’s deployment area. Players will not necessarily have to rebuy immediately following their defeat...they can take an hour break, a four hour break, however long they need to re-energize. When a player buys back, though, the player buys back on the same team. Each team will have 3 major objectives, and each player will have 8 minor objectives. Each objective will be worth a set amount of points, team objectives awarded to all members of the team, individual objectives awarded to the owning player. Capturing a major objective will allow a team to capture the next objective (advance parties will be allowed, however, follow objectives cannot be captured until lead objectives are secured). Once a minor objective has been captured, it will be redeployed on the battlefield through random deployment. The game will end when a victory objective has been taken. It may be possible to play more than one game in the 24 hour period.

I don't think the Baghdad Motor Club covers this...

At the end of the event, the player with the most victory points wins. Potentially, first, second, third, and last places will be awarded prizes. Depending upon how many entrants we have and how large the purse is will determine what the payout will be and how many payouts there will be (there could be one payout or there could be six payouts…it is TBD at game time). Additionally, depending on the number of entrants/size of purse, there is the potential for prize support from S&G Moscow (Andrew has given his blessing).

So that teams are balanced fairly, players must submit to S&G Moscow their army list NLT 8:00 pm on Thursday, 17 October. Army lists will be reviewed and teams will be determined by point values and number of players.

Battlefield Notes: buy transport units…you will need them. The two gaps in the “S” will be considered to be thick forests with no line of sight, however, artillery and rockets will be allowed to fire over the gaps as long as an observer has line of sight on the target. For purposes of deploying individual objectives, each table will be divided into sextants, and objectives placed via random deployment in a forward direction.

Major Objectives (awarded to each team member):

(3 pts) Capture and secure a major objective

(5 pts) Control an entire tabletop for 2 full turns

(10 pts) Capture a victory objective

Minor Objectives (awarded to individual players):

(2 pts) Capture individual objective

(1 pt) Maintain 50% of army for 2 hours

(2 pts) Maintain 75% of army for 2 hours

(3 pts) Maintain 95% of army for 2 hours

(4 pts) Maintain 100% of army for 2 hours

(1 pt) Force another player to take a platoon morale check

(3 pts) Force another player to take a company morale check

(1 pt) Capture a teammate’s objective

it's always the armor save you miss that does you in, eh?

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email Beau Tanner at