Monday, August 5, 2013


The men of the MoscowFront plan their next move...

Strategy and Games in Moscow is hosting a Flames of War tournament, Saturday the 17th of August.  This is a MIDWAR action, with a 1500 pt limit. This one is going to go "by the book" komrades, you MUST have you list presented to S & G  NO LATER THAN August 16th.  It is ok to email the Easy Army pdf if necessary. The registration fee is $10 BEFORE the rounds begin.

There may be more details and clarifications forthcoming, all new information will be posted here.

Also, if the interest is there, a day of "pick up" and "tuneup" matches will be held the 10th from 10:30 till whenever. Please post an email if you are interested.

Move them out!!